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Contemporary Industries

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 Wholesale, distribution plus marketing of a well-curated edit of consumer products we like. Each item is well-designed, conscious of sustainability issues and is a best-in-class example of a useful, everyday object.

Cutting Coffee's Carbon Footprint

What started as a side-project to understand the carbon footprint of a cup of coffee has morphed into a roadmap to viably cut coffee’s carbon footprint by over 75%. The next stage is to better educate baristas and coffee drinkers to support industry action.

Envoy Extra

Helping consumer-focused companies plan and build their future. Drawing on proven methodologies and technology developed across our businesses, we start with data to identify key challenges and build a viable roadmap as well as creating practical solutions and compelling campaigns.

Home Institute

Consumer-focused online homewares retailer with an emphasis on design-led, functional products for contemporary life and work. Many items are imported directly from specialist producers in Japan, Scandinavia and Europe.

United Baristas

United Baristas helps people and coffee businesses benefit from industry-level scale, networks and best practice. For example, our newest service United Baristas Equipment makes sourcing and servicing coffee equipment much easier.

Zalto Glas

Each stem is individually mouth-blown in a proprietary wood mould to create its unique profile, a shape only possible by a skilled glassblower. The amalgamation of the flavour-enhancing design and the exquisitely light glass makes these stems beloved by wine drinkers.