Featured Projects

Alpha Zero

New –  Specialist retailer, and production infrastructure, for the sale of high-end coffee equipment with a focus on customised espresso machines for home and small office use.

Alpha Zero

Cascading Decisions

Employing the methodology developed in our own businesses we consult to other companies, primarily with consumer-focused brands, to either help them unpick their current challenges or take the next step on their journey. Always starting with insight and data, our approach is identify the crux and to get the roadmap straight.

Cascading Decisions is currently not taking on new clients until July 2018


Ad hoc and regular writing for a variety of publications, mainly on food and beverages with an emphasis on tasting.

CaffeineWhisky QuarterlyWorld’s Best Spirits


Eyes and ears for the leading coffee magazine Caffeine, with a particular interest in industry developments and trends.


Home Institute

Consumer-focused homewares retailer with an emphasis on design-led, functional products for the contemporary home or office. Many items are imported directly from specialist producers or makers in Japan, Scandinavia, North America and Europe. Started with sole focus on the UK market and now ships (almost) worldwide.

Home Institute

Project Mercantile

Working to build a new model allowing specialist manufacturers to build their volumes while minimising risk throughout the supply chain.

United Baristas

Built on the insight that many of the specialty coffee industry’s challenges are best tackled collectively, United Baristas facilities market based solutions to foster the freer flow of goods, services, people and ideas. Our newest service Careers provides better connects the industry’s rising talent with coffee companies.

United Baristas • Insights • Careers • Marketplace • Workshop